Bitcoin Faucet Claiming Contest

Welcome to EldiClaim BTC Faucet Contest

This contest started Nov 14, 2018 and ended on Nov 30, 2018 0:00 server time.

This contest works as follows, member with the highest amount BTC faucet claims will win

The top 10 members who claimed the most BTC Faucet ads will win prizes!

The 1st placed member will win 50% his earnings from claims straight into his balance. For example, if winner claimed 1000 satoshi, he will earn 500 extra!

Second place will win 45% his earnings, thirth will win 40% of his earnings, up to 10 the 10th spot member who will win 5% of his earnings.

Member Claims Earned Potentional prize
1 lycans37 2471 Ƀ0.00040627 Ƀ0.00020314
2 claim101 2214 Ƀ0.00036286 Ƀ0.00016329
3 tamkahp 1546 Ƀ0.00025788 Ƀ0.00010315
4 jejeand 1256 Ƀ0.00020444 Ƀ0.00007155
5 Leon10 1191 Ƀ0.00019765 Ƀ0.00005930
6 Lio27 1114 Ƀ0.00018918 Ƀ0.00004730
7 wilmssan 1066 Ƀ0.00017380 Ƀ0.00003476
8 carfer 624 Ƀ0.00010440 Ƀ0.00001566
9 mersi 577 Ƀ0.00009343 Ƀ0.00000934
10 caki1973 551 Ƀ0.00009011 Ƀ0.00000451
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