Bitcoin Faucet Claiming Contest

Welcome to EldiClaim BTC Faucet Contest

This contest started Jan 11, 2019 and ended on Jan 31, 2019 0:00 server time.

This contest works as follows, member with the highest amount BTC faucet claims will win

The top 10 members who claimed the most BTC Faucet ads will win prizes!

The 1st placed member will win 50% his earnings from claims straight into his balance. For example, if winner claimed 1000 satoshi, he will earn 500 extra!

Second place will win 45% his earnings, thirth will win 40% of his earnings, up to 10 the 10th spot member who will win 5% of his earnings.

Member Claims Earned Potentional prize
1 neo888 2170 Ƀ0.00043762 Ƀ0.00021881
2 claim101 1784 Ƀ0.00035579 Ƀ0.00016011
3 1nVoKeR 1699 Ƀ0.00034396 Ƀ0.00013758
4 multi3235 1329 Ƀ0.00026697 Ƀ0.00009344
5 redha25 1237 Ƀ0.00025034 Ƀ0.00007510
6 caki1973 1211 Ƀ0.00024582 Ƀ0.00006146
7 ugurr 1095 Ƀ0.00021900 Ƀ0.00004380
8 russiankratos 970 Ƀ0.00019350 Ƀ0.00002903
9 MJVieira7 603 Ƀ0.00012144 Ƀ0.00001214
10 Carapicho 524 Ƀ0.00010477 Ƀ0.00000524
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